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The DH Group is a holder of several web anabled solutions for individuals and businesses. Many people are hesitant to insure with independent advisors, opting to insure with insurance companies directly. But handing over the hassle of insurance and medical aid to an independent advisor will not only save you time and headaches, it might also save you money. Direct insurers are no longer always cheapest.

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Risk Exchange

Many risks exist in each life and business. Most who will take the risk off your hands contemplate that there are only so many risks, many that must be managed only.  We do not believe that and will assist to help manage or transfer that risk, if needed.

Life risks
Business risk
Health risks

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Insure Me

Many of us do not know how to manage our needs through each of the various life stages.  This site offers solutions from where to start; how to manage the midlife period; and, to then transform all into our retirement. This site is for Yound and Old.

First Insurance Policy
Caring for Family
Retirement and me

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How to Make Sense

Here we share stories in the form of articles and e-books on how to: balance budgets; get rid of debts; and creating wealth.  Empower yourself and learn in easy steps on how to take care of yourself and your needs – even getting yourself motivated.

Debt control

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Here you can do it all: get indication quotes; buy incidental products like health insurance.  If you are unsure you can even book consultations online or locate an advisor in your area.  Exciting ways are given to design a will, a trust, calculate cost and buying a funder.  Great call rates are offered through our corporate saver.

Call saver @ 5%+
Death cost calculator
Death duty funder
Medical Insurance
Funeral cover

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Grow Business

It is not only the first three years in business that is a challenge – when 80% of new businesses in RSA fail.  Every three years present a new challenge for loans and money; better governance; mentoring; business plans; cash flow planning; selling or acquiring.  Get it all here!  Even business opportunities are available!

Business opportunity
Business Will
Restructuring for profit
Business plans
Cash flow planning
Seven steps to success
Subscribe as Partner

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About Us

DHGroup is a trust that holds the interest in all the entities listed here.  These were all founded by Deon Hattingh, who after qualifying as a town planner became a financial planner in 1980 and later qualified as a Certified Financial Planner®. He started his own composite financial advisory service company in 1984.  After being prompted he passionately pursued his life goal to ‘empower people with knowledge’ he gained on all things finance and making this available to people to gain information freely – online and by reading articles he wrote as columnist for a daily newspaper.  Most are done for free as a social responsible investment in people and businesses.

As an Ideator he continues to develop new and creative solutions to familiar financial and business related issues, maximising them with a sound strategy into successful workable solutions and later as a business able to have turned around several businesses (and even a pension fund) – often from losses back to profit by developing business strategy for client retention, sales and marketing and implementation of new products and services.