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Privacy Statement

Your privacy is important to DH Group. This privacy statement provides information about the personal information that DH Group collects, and the ways in which DH Group uses that personal information.
Statistical information collection

DH Group may collect and use the following kinds of statistical information which information may include some personal information:

  • information about your use of this website;
  • information that you provide for the purpose of registering with DH Group
  • information about transactions carried out over this website
  • information that you provide for the purpose of subscribing to the website services
    any other information that you send to DH Group

Using statistical information

DH Group may use the above statistical information to:

  • administer this website;
  • personalize the website for you;
  • enable your access to and use of the website services;
  • send to you products that you purchase;
  • supply to you services that you purchase;
  • send to you statements and invoices;
  • collect authorised payments from you; and
  • at your optional election, send you marketing communications

Personal Information

In the event that a service or services on this website require you to disclose or provide personal information to use such service or services it is understood and agreed that such disclosed information:

  • Is warranted by you to be true and correct;
  • Will be used for the purpose for which it is intended only; and
  • Will be kept in strict confidence and will not be disclosed to or shared with any other entity except (i) authorised agents and or sub-contractors of DH Group who need to have access to such information in order to render the relevant service or services in which event DH Group will use all reasonable means to procure that such agents or sub-contractors keep the disclosed personal information confidential and use the disclosed information for the purpose for which it was intended only; or (ii) when required by law to do so in which event you will be notified of the fact that disclosure of such information is required by law.

Securing your data

DH Group will take reasonable technical and organisational precautions to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of your statistical and personal information.

Information relating to electronic transactions entered into via this website will be protected by encryption technology.

Cross-border data transfers

Information that DH Group collects may be stored and processed in and transferred between any of the countries in which DH Group operates to enable the use of the information in accordance with this privacy policy.

In addition, information that you submit specifically for publication on the website will be published on the internet and may be available around the world.

You agree to such cross-border transfers of personal and statistical information.

Updating this statement

DH Group may update this privacy policy by posting a new version on this website.

It remains your responsibility to ensure that you are aware of the content and effect of any changes to this privacy policy.

Other websites

This website contains links to other websites.

DH Group is not responsible for the privacy policies or practices of any third party.

Contact details for DH Group

If you have any questions about this privacy policy or DH Group’s treatment of your statistical and personal information, please write:

• by email to; or

• by post to PO Box 2999, Wilro Park, 1731