About Us

DHGroup is a trust that holds the interest in all the entities listed here.  These were all founded by Deon Hattingh, who after qualifying as a town planner became a financial planner in 1980 and later qualified as a Certified Financial Planner®. He started his own composite financial advisory service company in 1984.  After being prompted he passionately pursued his life goal to ‘empower people with knowledge’ he gained on all things finance and making this available to people to gain information freely – online and by reading articles he wrote as columnist for a daily newspaper.  Most are done for free as a social responsible investment in people and businesses.

As an Ideator he continues to develop new and creative solutions to familiar financial and business related issues, maximising them with a sound strategy into successful workable solutions and later as a business able to have turned around several businesses (and even a pension fund) – often from losses back to profit by developing business strategy for client retention, sales and marketing and implementation of new products and services.